Change Communications

A Jambor-Smith Communications strategy empowers you to drive change within your organization, vital to meeting your goals, by building a strategy that will define your vision in ways that empower both staff and clients to embrace it.

Yes, change is uncomfortable and adapting to it is messy.  But change can also be terrific and transformative, bringing new energy, new thought leadership and credibility, and even new revenue to your organization.

Jambor-Smith Communications will work with you to develop and execute a change communications strategy that is a process rather than a check list, enabling change that is dynamic and long-lasting.

This process will include components that help you to gauge the “temperature” of your staff’s ability/willingness to change, allowing you to assess how your people will respond to change and what information they’ll need to implement what is asked of them.

These components use a variety of communication pathways and vehicles to give your staff multiple opportunities to share concerns, ask questions, and offer ideas and then develop ways for following up with answers and updates.

As you build the processes required by change — visioning, planning, developing systems – never forget to build a strategy to communicate about it. This strategy will be the foundation upon which the transformation you envision will be realized!