Communications Strategy

At Jambor-Smith Communications, we believe that a coordinated communications strategy is an integral part of driving sales, building thought leadership and brand recognition, and fundraising. 

A good communications strategy:

  • Develops your company’s unique story
  • Builds internal talking points for your staff
  • Empowers your staff to build client relationships based on this story
  • Organizes the way you present information to the media
  • Establishes your brand and thought leadership

 Let us work with you to develop and execute a strategy that has your sales, marketing, and fundraising teams telling your organization’s unique story.


Jambor-Smith Communications will always start with you to assess your needs; we will never impose a strategy on you.  This collaboration drives the development and execution of a unique communications strategy that builds your brand through coordinated plans and activities that support your goals and objectives.  A Jambor-Smith Communications strategy may include content for internal as well as external communications across multiple channels, including print and digital, as well as events. 

Your unique communications strategy creates organization-wide, audience-targeted communications that include employees and officers of all levels in your organization as well as vendors and clients.  

We will build your strategy through a:

  • Review of your communications goals and target audiences
  • Identification of the best delivery methods and the best timelines to use, based on these goals and audiences
  • Messaging guidelines and sample messaging, based on audiences and delivery methods
  • Outline of execution steps to implement the plan.